Magus Travel Solutions

About us

Welcome to Magus Travel Solutions, a premier travel agency that embarked on its journey in the year 2008 as a marine travel specialist. Over the years, Magus Travel has evolved into a comprehensive travel solution provider, expanding its portfolio to include air ticket booking, hotel reservations, visa services, and bespoke luxury vacation planning. The company has honed its expertise in corporate travel, offering tailored solutions for businesses seeking seamless travel experiences.

Magus Travel Solutions holds a distinguished record, with a standout achievement being its pivotal role during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Demonstrating resilience and dedication, Magus Travel facilitated the safe return of individuals worldwide, providing crucial travel support during unprecedented circumstances. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, Magus Travel continues to redefine travel experiences, ensuring every journey is marked by efficiency, comfort, and unparalleled service.

Our Mission

  • To become a Leading Agent in Marine & Corporate/Business Travel across the Globe
  • To create a Hassle-free Travel Experience for our Customers

Our Vision

  • To create Specialized, Quick and Comfortable Travel Solutions for all of our clients worldwide.

Our Goals

To support and serve our customers with all of their travel requirements. From the simplest, most affordable travels to the most demanding business trips and exotic vacations.

Our Promise

  • To deliver the best solution for you post understanding individual & collective service expectations
  • Establishing high standards for services and ensuring they are being met through formal review processes
  • To provide our services in a professional and effective manner
  • To conduct our business in an environment of ethics, transparency & trust
  • To keep our customers informed about timely changes in the travel industry